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Sustainable impact


Sustainable Plant Support

The story begins in 2020. Bart Janssen, owner of CoBaplant, was looking for a more sustainable alternative to replace his moss poles. He wanted to swap the Sri Lankan coconut, PVC tubes and iron staples with a sustainable alternative.

It was also desirable that the pole would have a ‘tree bark’ structure, because the water in that structure activates plant roots and leads to faster growth.

After a few brainstorming sessions, Ruplex took on the challenge.

Around 18 months later, the Kratiste climbing pole was a reality. Its uniqueness provides a rough structure on which moisture is retained, making the climbing vine promote growth. The sausages can also be watered directly internally, as is done in the nursery. Of course, all of this is manufactured from fully biodegradable raw materials.

Our Promise to You

Kratiste’s goal is ultimate transparency. This means, in addition to our ambition to make the range even more sustainable, that our entire story is always honest and traceable.



The raw materials are biodegradable. The main components are PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.


Look & Feel

The patented process that we carry out in-house is responsible for unique properties that benefit both plants and customers.



Everyone can check the raw materials used via our publicly accessible blockchain. We even grow the Miscanthus ourselves!


Made in Holland

We make our products in the Netherlands, so we can supply demonstrably sustainable products of very high quality.

Are you joining us in pole position?

We can only tackle the climate crisis by pulling together. So we all have an essential role to play.

Whether you are a grower, wholesaler, retailer or consumer, by choosing Kratiste you’re doing your bit to make at least one pole more sustainable. That might seem insignificant, but it means you’re setting a sustainable chain reaction in motion!

Biodegradable Kratiste climbing pole for Mostera