E-book: the #3 secrets of your plants

Starting tomorrow, you will grow even more beautiful houseplants!

Plants = nature

Secret #1

Plants = Nature

Never forget where plants come from: from nature!

In the jungle, have you ever seen plants growing against PVC pipes with coir? Or against slippery bamboo? Of course not… Never mind that these plants will be happy with (micro-)plastics that are often used to impregnate the support canes against fungal growth.

Kratiste therefore produces 100% natural, including natural texture! Due to the acidity of lactic acid (potato peel), our climbing poles do not naturally mold. Long live nature!

Plants = Nature

Secret #2

Instantly a robust plant

Because we do not place plants in their natural environment, they need more support than in the jungle. There they grow up against tree bark. The natural structure of the Kratiste climbing vine gives the plant plenty of grip.

HACK: Because of the natural appearance of the Kratiste climbing vine, your plant immediately shows much more beautiful, mature and healthy.

Directly robust

release of water

Secret #3

Smart release of water

You get the best results if you spray Kratiste’s climbing stick wet from time to time. This activates the plant’s aerial roots to attach themselves. Also, the slow evaporation ensures that the roots will absorb moisture for a long time.

HACK: Pouring water into the stick also waters the roots at the bottom of the pot. This direct release works well for the plant as well as preventing tampering during pouring by the plant’s leaves.

Delivery of water