> made from biodegradable PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.

> the patented process results in a unique, natural structure.

> the raw materials are fully traceable.

> produced in our factory in the Netherlands, and we even grow some of the raw materials locally!


Product information

Technical data
Diameters 1mm solid, 2mm solid, 3mm solid/hollow, 4mm solid/hollow & 5mm solid/hollow
Lengths 5cm to 50cm
Colour Brown
Form round
Weight Depending on diameter and length.
Material PLA & Miscanthus Giganteus
Compostable Yes
Sustainable impact

With every Kratiste pole and clip you buy, you bring us closer to the goal of 1 billion sustainable poles and clips. One item might not seem much, but you help set a chain reaction in motion.

> You help avoid thousands of miles of transport;

> You choose biodegradable material instead of petroleum;

> You prevent pesticides having to be used to make poles and clips resistant to mould;


All in all, every sustainable pole and clip you use makes a world of difference!

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