The lead time of products is increasingly determined by their sustainability.

Kratiste can help make the plants even more attractive through sustainable, beautiful plant support.

Socially engaged retailers

As a retailer with social involvement and relevance, you are increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the entire range. The plant department is certainly no exception. Despite the fact that many aspects play a role in a plant’s sustainability, plant support is an important part. Especially because this part of the plant is often manufactured in Asia and transported from there.

Kratiste climbing sticks side view biodegradable


The raw materials are compostable. The main ingredients are PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.


Look & Feel

The patented process that we carry out in-house ensures unique properties that benefit the plants and customers.



Anyone can check the raw materials via our publicly accessible blockchain. We grow the Miscanthus ourselves!


Made in Holland

Due to production in the Netherlands, we can supply demonstrably sustainable products of very high quality.

The Kratiste concept

Where the coconut moss stick has been the standard for decades, it is now time for a sustainable alternative.

Two Kratiste climbing sticks made of PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus

Fast bonding

The structure of the Kratiste climbing stick ensures that the climbing stick stays moist for a long time, so that the air roots are activated and attach themselves to the climbing stick.


Shorter cultivation

Thanks to the natural look and sustainable approach of the Kratiste climbing stick, cultivation can be shortened. This ensures a more sustainable plant and improved throughput time.

Biodegradable Kratiste clips for plants

Lower CO2 emissions

Because the consumer receives 10 extra compostable clips with the Kratiste climbing stick, they can easily let the plant grow further, which means that the cultivation can be shortened, resulting in less CO2 emissions.


Simple DIY

Consumers no longer have to tie their sticks with wire or rope during further growth. The compostable clips in combination with the punched slots relieve the consumer.

Biodegradable Kratiste climbing stick for Mostera

Direct root watering

The consumer can directly water the roots of the plant via the open top of the Kratiste climbing stick. Through the slots in the stick, the slow-release roots are watered in the pot.


Tree bark structure

In the jungle the creepers grow against robust trees. By imitating this, the natural growth of the plant is stimulated as much as possible.

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