Help your customers with sustainable climbing poles and increase your market share!

Plant support anno now

For many decades, your customers had one choice for supporting their plants: coir sticks with a plastic interior or impregnated bamboo.

Kratiste offers a 100% natural alternative! Not only is the product natural, but it even has THE natural texture that plants love.

Here you will find all the information the marketing department needs to communicate sustainability to your (potential) customers.

An easy and complete concept

Finally… plant sticks without (micro-)plastics

High volumes possible due to economical pricing

Optional white label or co-branding of POS

A sustainable revenue source without risk or effort

Tool #1

Photo gallery + Lookbook

Tool #2

YouTube Shorts

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Tool #4

Point Of Sale

Tool #5


Tool #1

Photo Gallery

One image says more than a thousand words. Therefore, our partners are free to use our photography.

Profit Packers

  • No expensive photography
  • High quality
  • Easy to use for Socials
  • Kamen plants love Kratiste climbing vines
Tool #2

Youtube shorts

For Social Media, short videos are ideal. In every second, the viewer is directly engaged. Kratiste’s YouTube Channel hosts videos that may be used by our partners.

#Kratiste #biodegradableclimbingpole #100%natural

Profit Packers

  • Easy to share Social Media
  • Image enhancement
  • Increased customer loyalty
Tool #3


Kratiste helps you with sustainable plant support. Kratiste sells only through the existing channels of exporters and retailers. This means that interested consumers are actively referred to Kratsite dealers by Kratiste. These are companies that are actively working on the sustainability of their product range and thereby making themselves future-proof.

Profit Packers

  • Increase your future-proofing
  • Get additional customers through referrals to your store
  • Build an innovative image
Tool #4

Free Point Of Sale

An introduction to a fully sustainable plant support needs some explanation. That is why Kratiste is offering retailers the opportunity to receive a free Point Of Sale – display. This allows you to communicate sustainability to your customers both online and offline. Also, it has to better explain the range of plants on the Kratiste climbing vine, giving consumers an eye for the added value.


Tool #5


Proactive management does not mean seeking out (unnecessary) risks. Waiting until a sustainable product is risk-free can also be a risk. Because this makes your timing very important. After all, if you are just too late, you will miss your boat.

Take a good look around for opportunities without risk with maximum revenue potential.

Example: Kratiste, with its natural climbing poles, offers a product without spoilage, neat profit margins and without hassle.

Kratiste even pays for the POS display worth €150 (without merchandise), the display comes complete with merchandise through your exporter!

Profit Packers

  • Minimum effort, maximum potential
  • Capture market share directly
  • Tap into new, younger audiences


In 3 steps to sustainable revenue growth

Get the Kratiste display (worth €150,-) for free and start sustainable sales growth today without effort or risk !
PLEASE NOTE: limited number available, delivery will be on a subscription basis.


1. Ask your exporter

Your exporter can provide you with a free sample box as well as product information.

2. Free Point Of Sale

The Point Of Sale display (worth €150 without merchandise) will be delivered free of charge and Plug and Play on a Danish trolley. The POS display is filled with merchandise so you can start selling immediately after delivery. Because Kratiste is affiliated with Royal FloraHolland, deliveries work for you as usual.

3. Sustainable revenue growth

You are now reaching new audiences with innovative, 100% natural climbing poles for plants. Also, you will be making your store more sustainable and building sustainable competitive advantage on a daily basis.

SDG 9.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Innovative stucture

The innovative, 100% natural Kratiste climbing poles are made entirely in the Netherlands. This reduces supply-chain risks for our customers. Local production also reduces the burden on global infrastructure.

Impact on industry

Take responsibility

SDG 12.
Responsible consumption and production

Choose responsibly

Kratiste has made it possible for you to switch to responsible use and production. By using 100% natural raw materials, price levels are almost the same and production is entirely Dutch.

Take responsibility

SDG 13.
Climate Action

Positive impact

From now on, you can supply sustainable climbing poles without micro-plastics. Not only are CO2 emissions lower, but transportation is 95% less! The climbing poles are mainly made from Lactic Acid (leftovers from food) AND Elephant grass from Dutch soil

Impact on climate

Take responsibility

SDG 15.
Living on the land


The Dutch Elephant Grass that Kratiste uses for its climbing poles grows years 3.5 meters tall. Elephant grass is not harvested until spring. Excellent sheltering positively encourages biodiversity.

Take responsibility

SDG 17.
Partnerships for goals

Effective partnerships

By partnering with Kratiste, you help several affiliated partners. Thus, we are WWF Business supporter as well as a Social Enterprise, affiliated with Social Enterprise NL.

Become a partner


Kratiste’s production process is unique in horticulture. In this infographic, the production process of Kratiste.

Documentation for the store floor? Kratiste’s leaflets briefly describe the story behind our products in Dutch, German, English and French.

We believe that a good world starts with the manufacturer. That includes a very high level of transparency. That is why we supply the Kratiste climbing poles with resource passports.

You may be wondering…

Is Kratiste affiliated with Royal FloraHolland?

Yes, you can just order Kratiste climbing poles from your regular exporter.

Can all retailers market Kratiste products?

Yes, any retailer can easily order Kratiste climbing sticks. The Kratiste climbing poles do not spoil, are as affordable as the plastic variant (retail level) and offer a decent contribution to the turnover/margin per m2. This makes it an ideal product for retailers looking to increase sales through sustainable products.

Am I helping the world by using Kratiste climbing poles?

Yes, Kratiste produces the 100% natural climbing poles in its own factory in the Netherlands. By using plant residues such as potato skins (PLA) and Elephant Grass, in addition to minimal transportation, the product has a low carbon footprint.

Is Kratiste the manufacturer?

Yes, all 100% natural climbing poles sold by Kratiste are made by the company itself in its Dutch factory. The raw material mix and natural structure of our products is completely unique. Even the natural raw materials we grow together with our Dutch farmers.

How does the concept of Kratiste work?

In just 21 seconds you will learn how to make the most beautiful houseplants. Click here to watch the video.

Are your climbing poles much more expensive?

No, the Kratiste climbing poles sold separately are often as expensive as the non-durable variety. When looking at the actual cost to the world, the Kratiste climbing stick is actually a lot cheaper.