Expand your market

A more future-proof nursery in 3 steps

Expand the market

As a grower, you are always looking for improvements in your crop. Sustainable products are strongly preferred, due to both customer demands and laws and regulations. In addition to the cultivation risks, sustainability is usually invisible to consumers, making it attractive only if it is cheaper than the unsustainable alternative: an impossible combination.

Kratiste offers you a proven concept that addresses new audiences. These consumers care about the durability, unique look and feel ó or the adhesion of the plants to the Kratiste climbing pole. In other words, they are going for more added value over the market standard.

An easy and complete concept

Finally… plant sticks without (micro-)plastics

High volumes possible due to economical pricing

Through Point Of Sale, the marketing concept is loaded

Address new audiences with your plants

In 3 steps to more sustainable nursery

By adding Kratiste climbing vines to your crops, you add additional market potential.

Experience has shown that the target group that buys Kratiste climbing sticks is partially a different one than the customer for the regular moss stick.


1. Sample kit

Receive a sample box of all Kratiste products completely free of charge.

2. Living Lab

You will receive several dozen climbing poles for free to master the cultivation as well as eliminate risks.

3. Sustainable revenue growth

You have now made your nursery more sustainable and future-proof completely free of charge and without risk. Our
knowledge center
helps you communicate added value.

You may be wondering…

Is Kratiste affiliated with Royal FloraHolland?

Yes, you can add Kratiste climbing poles as a marketing concept so your customers can see that you use sustainable climbing poles. Click here to go directly to the Kratiste page.

Am I helping the world by using Kratiste climbing poles?

Yes, Kratiste produces the 100% natural climbing poles in its own factory in the Netherlands. Because our climbing poles are made from plant residues, such as potato peels (PLA) and Elephant grass, the product has a low CO2 footprint.

Is Kratiste the manufacturer?

Yes, Kratiste is the manufacturer of natural climbing poles for plants. All 100% natural climbing poles sold by Kratiste are made by the company itself in its factory in Geldermalsen. The raw materials and natural structure of the products are completely unique. We grow the natural raw materials together with our Dutch farmers.

How does the concept of Kratiste work?

In just 21 seconds you will learn how to make the most beautiful houseplants. Click here to watch the video.

Are your climbing poles much more expensive?

The price for Kratiste climbing poles is currently still slightly higher than the market standard. Kratiste loves collaboration! Therefore, purchasing advantages are passed directly to growers who grow plants on Kratiste climbing poles. As a result, these growers are becoming more competitive in price and more distinctive in product offerings.