Distinguish yourself

Proactively arranging sustainable revenue growth is appreciated

Add sustainable value!

Of course, you also want to sell sustainable products. The opportunities to introduce a new, sustainable product without spoilage or risk to you retailers were very limited. The products were too expensive, of insufficient quality or had too small a volume to provide good sales/margin per m2. This made it difficult to help your customers respond to customer needs for innovative sustainability.

Kratiste offers you a proven concept, without any financial investment in Point Of Sale within your existing infrastructure.
This way you effortlessly create a sustainable source of income for you and your customers.

An easy and complete concept

Finally… plant sticks without (micro-)plastics

High volumes possible due to economical pricing

Optional white label or co-branding of POS

A sustainable revenue source without risk or effort

In 3 steps to sustainable revenue growth

Get the Kratiste display (worth €150 without merchandise) for free and start today with no effort or risk on sustainable sales growth! NOTE: limited number available, delivery will be on a subscription basis.


1. Floriday connection

Apply for the Floriday connection and order the free sample box.

2. Inform

Download the marketing materials and receive the PDF ‘Business Case’ by e-mail so that your retailers can distinguish themselves profitably on sustainability.

3. Sustainable turnover

The Point Of Sale is delivered free of charge and Plug and Play. The display is shipped including merchandise on a Danish cart from our location in Wateringen (Veilingroute).

You may be wondering…

Is Kratiste affiliated with Royal FloraHolland?

Yes, you can simply add Kratiste climbing sticks to your regular order through Floriday. Click here to go directly to Kratiste’s page.

Can all exporters trade Kratiste products?

Yes, any exporter can easily order Kratiste climbing poles. The Kratiste climbing poles do not spoil, are as cheap as the plastic variant (retail level) and offer a decent contribution to the turnover/margin per m2. This makes it an ideal product for exporters looking to help their retailers increase sales through sustainable products.

Am I helping the world by using Kratiste climbing poles?

Yes, Kratiste produces the 100% natural climbing poles in its own factory in the Netherlands. By using plant residues such as potato skins (PLA) and Elephant Grass, in addition to minimal transportation, the product has a low carbon footprint.

Is Kratiste the manufacturer?

Yes, all 100% natural climbing sticks sold by Kratiste are made by the company itself in our Dutch factory. The raw material mix and natural structure of our products is completely unique. Even the natural raw materials we grow together with our Dutch farmers.

How does the concept of Kratiste work?

In just 21 seconds you will learn how to make the most beautiful houseplants. Click here to watch the video.

Are your climbing poles much more expensive?

No, the Kratiste climbing poles sold separately are often as expensive as the non-durable variety. At the grower level, the scale is increasing so the price has already dropped significantly due to economies of scale. As the volume continues to increase, the purchasing advantages will be passed on to our partners, further boosting sales.