By replacing petroleum, iron and/or coconut with vegetable materials, sustainable plant support becomes industrially compostable.

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Sustainable raw materials

The main components of the Kratiste climbing poles and support stakes are PLA and Miscanthus. These materials are 100% biodegradable. They are also free of pesticides, regular plastic, and other harmful substances.


Polylactide This material is commonly referred to as PLA (from English: polylactic acid) . It is a thermoplastic polymer made from lactic acid. Products made from PLA are biodegradable or compostable . They are made from renewable, vegetable raw materials such as...

Miscanthus Giganteus

Miscanthus Giganteus: the crop of the future Obviously, this is only partly justified because Miscanthus Giganteus does not solve all worldly problems. However, it can contribute to the climate crisis. Miscanthus Giganteus is popularly referred to as Elephant Grass....

Our promises

Kratiste’s goal is ultimate transparency. This means, in addition to our ambition to make the range even more sustainable, that our entire story is always honest and traceable.



The raw materials are biodegradable. The main components are PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.


Look & Feel

The patented process that we carry out in-house is responsible for unique properties that benefit both plants and customers.



Everyone can check the raw materials used via our publicly accessible blockchain. We even grow the Miscanthus ourselves!


Made in Holland

We make our products in the Netherlands, so we can supply demonstrably sustainable products of very high quality.

Kratiste in facts and figures

Despite the fact that Kratiste was only founded in 2022, the company is already having a major impact.
Are you going to help us on our way to 1 billion sustainable stakes, poles and clips?

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