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> made from biodegradable PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.

> the patented process results in a unique, natural structure.

> the raw materials are fully traceable.

> produced in our factory in the Netherlands, and we even grow some of the raw materials locally!


Product information

Technical data
Diameters 4cm & 6cm
Lengths 40cm to 200cm
Colour Brown
Form round
Weight +/- 160 grams per meter
Material PLA & Miscanthus Giganteus
Compostable Yes
The concept

Moss stick 2.0

For decades, moss poles made of coconut, PVC and iron staples have been used to support many climbing plants.

The biodegradable Kratiste climbing pole can be seen as the moss pole 2.0.


The natural, rough texture not only creates a beautiful appearance, but is also extremely practical for plant growth. This is because the structure retains moisture and gives the plant a hold (Kratiste in Greek).

Handy and sustainable

The clips ensure that the plant does not need to be tied with iron wire or twine at home. Kratiste’s biodegradable clips do not need to be sharp because the climbing stick is pre-perforated. The PLA in raw form is also food safe.

Sustainable impact

With every Kratiste pole and clip you buy, you bring us closer to the goal of 1 billion sustainable poles and clips. One item might not seem much, but you help set a chain reaction in motion.

> You help avoid thousands of miles of transport;

> You choose biodegradable material instead of petroleum;

> You prevent pesticides having to be used to make poles and clips resistant to mould;


All in all, every sustainable pole and clip you use makes a world of difference!

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