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A new, sustainable concept only works if all parties involved are committed to sustainability.

Kratiste consists of a collection of growers, wholesalers, retailers and of course consumers who want to make a sustainable difference.

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you make the difference

Only collectively can we tackle the climate crisis. You play an essential role in this…

Whether you are a grower, wholesaler, retailer or consumer, by choosing Kratiste you make at least one stick more sustainable. This may not seem like much, but you are setting a sustainable chain reaction in motion!

Kratiste for growers

Sustainable from the start

A sustainable plant starts with the grower. Exchanging non-sustainable plant support for compostable, traceable plant support makes a positive impact >>

Kratiste for consumers

The sustainable choice

The unique, patented process that Kratiste uses ensures more beautiful plants >>

Kratiste for wholesalers

Supporting your goals

As a crucial logistics partner, sustainability is high on your wholesaler’s agenda. Kratiste products can make various plants considerably more sustainable within your range >>

Kratiste for retailers

Set the trend – Raise the bar

The unique appearance ensures that your products look even better in the store. In addition to a better lead time, it also ensures sustainable impact >>

Choose your product

The durable Kratiste concept is available for climbing poles and support poles.

climbing sticks

are used for (green) climbing plants such as Monstera, Scindapsus and Philodendron.


are used for ficus, Acer palmatum and various types of orchids.

The Kratiste concept

Where the coconut moss stick has been the standard for decades, it is now time for a sustainable alternative.

Kratiste climbing sticks side view biodegradable


The raw materials are compostable. The main ingredients are PLA and Miscanthus Giganthus.


Look & Feel

The patented process that we carry out in-house ensures unique properties that benefit the plants and customers.



Anyone can check the raw materials via our publicly accessible blockchain. We grow the Miscanthus ourselves!


Made in Holland

Due to production in the Netherlands, we can supply demonstrably sustainable products of very high quality.


We would like to look into the possibility of using Kratiste climbing poles and clips within your company.

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