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The structureKratiste products are manufactured by means of extrusion. Extrusion means that the materials are melted and then shaped into a model by means of cooling and vacuum. The processing method makes these products smooth. However, the initial customer demand...

Commodity Passport

Commodity PassportIn a general sense, the consumer is accused of recycling too little or separating the waste incorrectly. However, Kratiste believes that the problem lies mainly with the manufacturer. After all, the manufacturer produces a product that subsequently...


Polylactide This material is commonly referred to as PLA (from English: polylactic acid) . It is a thermoplastic polymer made from lactic acid. Products made from PLA are biodegradable or compostable . They are made from renewable, vegetable raw materials such as...

Miscanthus Giganteus

Miscanthus Giganteus: the crop of the future Obviously, this is only partly justified because Miscanthus Giganteus does not solve all worldly problems. However, it can contribute to the climate crisis. Miscanthus Giganteus is popularly referred to as Elephant Grass....

Kratiste in numbers

Despite the fact that Kratiste was only founded in 2022, it is already having a major impact. We have a long way to go before 1 billion sticks are made sustainable.

m2 Elephant Grass

climbing and support poles