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The raw materials we use are biodegradable. The main components are PLA and Miscanthus Gigantheus.


Look & Feel

The patented process that we carry out in-house is responsible for unique properties that benefit both plants and customers.



Everyone can check the raw materials used via our publicly accessible blockchain. We even grow the Miscanthus ourselves!


Made in Holland

We make our products in the Netherlands, so we can supply proven sustainable products of very high quality.

Sustainable raw materials

The main components of the Kratiste climbing poles and support stakes are PLA and Miscanthus. These materials are 100% biodegradable. They are also free of pesticides, regular plastic, and other harmful substances.

Miscanthus Giganteus

Mapping the chain

Kratiste uses its own semi-public blockchain (in development) to fully map out which raw materials are used to make the products. As a result, our entire story is always honest and transparent for partners and consumers.

(Greek: ‘hold on’)

Kratiste is Greek for ‘hold on’. This name refers to how plants hold on to Kratiste climbing poles and support stakes. The structure helps aerial roots absorb extra water, which stimulates growth.

Kratiste in facts and figures

Despite the fact that Kratiste was only founded in 2022, the company is already having a major impact.
Are you going to help us on our way to 1 billion sustainable stakes, poles and clips?

m2 Miscanthus

climbing poles and support stakes